Course Description:

Pop thinking is about cultivating the ability to pervasively communicate with an audience in a digital world. Our primary goal is to explore and understand topical moments in pop culture, current events, social media and technology. By doing so, this allows us to think, act and create like our audience who is pop-culturally obsessed, digitally savvy and constantly consuming content. However, don’t be fooled by the title of the course, for thinking is only half the battle! Students are expected to create case study videos to present their ideas as portfolio-ready campaigns. So we are only calling on creatives who have the will power to be doers — creatives who are willing to stretch beyond their comfort zone, to invent, to inspire, and to evolve with the world through imagination and toil.


Students are required to attend every scheduled class meeting. All assignments must be completed and handed in exactly as instructed. Failure to complete an assignment in it’s entirety will result in an incomplete. Each students’ level of grit and work ethic will also be evaluated as a large portion of our grading system, so be prepared to work harder than what might normally be required from other classes.

Our Goal:

Imagine yourself winning an award in Cannes, France and getting offered one of the most desirable advertising jobs in the world. Well our goal is to help each and every one of our students turn their imagination into reality.