Snapchat Game



Great to see that Snapchat is taking its game on the next level. Making the app even more interactive than just silly filters.


What Is Creativity?


Lee Clow talks about creativity and its many facets in this video. I couldn’t have attempted to explain creativity in a way as eloquent as he does in this interview. His words capture the essence of creating art, but i especially see his words true when it comes to advertising. In advertising we cannot take from others, we much fully engineer our own ideas and in this way, when done right, I see advertising as the truest form of creativity.
I just found this video to be a great attempt at defining something almost indescribable.
It was also very uplifting and insuring.




I think this is an amazing video!
KY needed a new mountain to climb so they identified a new problem, came up with a solution, and a way to market their new product and also identify and attempt to eliminate another problem- the stigma surrounding premature ejaculation. I love this idea so much, and think it solves a problem embarrassing for everyone involved. I think the machine was a fun way to interact with the consumer, and was a way to make people feel good about their shortcomings. Produced really well, and I’m jealous I didn’t think of this first.


Tecate Beer Wall


I thought this was a funny interesting way to play with the idea of building a wall on the border. I enjoy that Saatchi & Saatchi along with Tecate used such a negative idea and concept, and turned it on its head and turned it into something positive. Trump and his racist remarks hurt, especially to mexican americans, and this makes it a light hearted message and something funny. I really enjoyed the encouragement of getting along and coming together that Tecate is fostering in this ad.


“Brad is single” ad


This exemplifies another creative approach in applying the pop culture in to advertising.

“We have used a playful advert to simply highlight our flights to Los Angeles and to mirror the conversations that people throughout the UK are having about a high-profile media story. We are pleased that the vast majority of feedback has been positive and people have read the advert with the humour it was intended.”


JET BLUE x VH1 Save The Music


In partnership with VH1 Save The Music and students from P.S. 48 in the Bronx, the airline presented three musicians with a year of free airfare. Kids from P.S. 48 approached each of the street performers and presented them with their vouchers, which of course was all captured on film.




As the Emmys wrapped up on Sunday night, doling out the awards for best actor and best actress in a drama series, there was a noticeable difference in how the Television Academy presented the nominees for each of those categories.

All of which is to say that Netflix’s 60-second Emmys spot, narrated by Emmy-nominated Wright, was perfectly timed, championing the streaming platform’s myriad of women characters—the complicated, powerful, sometimes odd, sometimes goofball, but altogether in-charge women.


Pepsi 1893


Lately I’ve been seeing this new pepsi commercial and product, and the marketing was so clever, even I had to go buy myself a can to see if there was a difference. I literally went out to try it because I was so convinced it was going to taste different, but I don’t believe it actually did. They might’ve used cane sugar to alter the taste a bit or something, but it was essentially the same. HOWEVER I really enjoyed the commercials for this new product. The commercials make you think you’re viewing a video describing a fine bourbon whiskey, and that it is so well crafted. The whole feel of the video is something I’ve never seen Coke or Pepsi do, and I really appreciated it. I thought it was a clever and funny way to advertise an old product in a really different way.