[New noise canceling device could be a lifesaver for New Yorkers] Jenna Meyers


Muzo is a new and upcoming acoustic product introduced on kickstarter to cancel out ambient noise, give privacy to conversations, and keep away eavesdroppers. It works by detecting the sound vibration through walls and windows, and emitting vibrations of the opposite phase, canceling out the noise.


It comes with different sound isolating options ranging from a sleep mode, which cancels out wind, bug/animal noise, and the best, cars and construction. #Bless. It has been successfully funded on kickstarter, even exceeding their original goal of 100,000 and should be hitting the market very soon. This product could finally bring a good nights sleep to New Yorkers that are constantly plagued by noise pollution, allow private conversation at restaurants, and even replace noise machines in therapist offices.

Kickstarter campaign: Muzo – your personal zone creator with noise blocking tech


Long lost Salvador Dalí collaboration with Disney (Jenna Meyers)


Production for the film began in 1945 with a collaboration between surrealist painter Salvador Dalí and Disney illustrator John Hench. It was kept a secret and the team worked on the film for 8 months between 1945-46. Their goal was to create a film in the same format as “Fantasia 2000”, combining animation with live dancers and special effects. This technique was extremely modern for its time and was in the making way before Fantasia was released in 1999. The film was never completed until it was revisited by disney producers in 2003. The film was released but did not gain traction until late 2015. “The film tells the story of Chronos, the personification of time and the inability to realize his desire to love for a mortal.” This is such an amazing film because it is definitely not the usual Disney style and story. It has such a deep meaning and I think its great to introduce any age group to important influential artists such as Dalí. The final product is absolutely breathtaking.


[ Australia Tourism – Giga Selfy ]


This is what I mean by simply finding a problem
in our everyday lives and make it better.

We’ve all experienced trying to fit everything
when we take selfies in front of monuments, sights, etc.

And Australia Tourism installed cameras in popular tourists sights
that takes photo that are Gigabite large.

Simple and Brilliant.
Everyone should watch this.



H&M challenges everything you thought


This is just a great representation of what the fashion industry should’ve been embracing forever, REAL WOMEN. Women are all different and don’t need to fit into a standard and this commercial highlights that beautifully whilst still showing women who aren’t ‘the norm’ can find clothing even at a cheaper store such as H&M and to not be ashamed of the bodies they have. I’m all about fucking up standards and this does it beautifully.


Blair Witch 360 Experience


This is an interesting way to promote a movie by creating a whole experience, where people can engage and feel like a part of it.







Clothing design by Marie Sommers. Intriguing concept for a clothing line, prompting you to stop and think about it. Very defiant and in your face. Cool stuff 🙂


Research 5 big news worthy stories that’s happening right now that we can tap into. (By Olivia Kim)



Research and blog 3 cool designs / technology / films / ideas / etc By Olivia Kim.



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She is one of my inspiration every time. Her name is Henn Kim, illustrate designer. Every single piece of her works are very simple drawn, but at the same time has symbol to every works. When you look at the first one, it art is represented like music. Like people play the music freely, art could be played by the artist and freely expressed by it too. Art is like a music. Emotional and sensitive.

For the second one, Kim tried to express the texture and movements of noodles as waves. It is so unique that she illustrated surfing on top of the noodles.

Lastly, for the third one, it is so deep and sensual. I read her description for this work, it says, ” I see the world through you”. Who would thought of this idea to that description? Every time, Henn Kim amazes me with her simple illustrated skills and deep symbolized meanings behind. Her works always make me think deeper.

This is a short film by Wes Anderson, called “Hotel Chevalier”. Wes Anderson is one of my favorite movie/film maker. I could say that this film has a little bit of sexual scenes, but I believe that this film includes  more of an  intense emotions between 2 main characters (more of an art). The background is Paris, the color and the music use are great for this film. There are not much of conversation between them, but the viewer could easily tell the story line just by their expressions.



This video is a commercial about Hyundai Genesis car with the car finder system.

It provides to the viewers about the great design of the car and “car finder” system. Also, with the sense of humor that we can related to our real life.

I could sympathy this video to my older brother who is so conservative on me every time. This video is not too long or too short, which I was able to focus in this video very well.